If you love Ferrari´s then a Ferrari 296 GTS rental is sure to set your heart on fire!

When you rent a Ferrari 296 GTS you´re rewarded with an insanely responsive two-seater convertible supercar that will be the envy of everyone you pass by.

Ferrari 296 GTS Rental

A Ferrari 296 GTS rental is a highly desirable two-seater convertible supercar that promises to leave a smile on your face and tingles running down your spine.

Like its coupe counterpart, a Ferrari 296 GTS rental boasts a hybrid V6 engine and electric motor configuration that makes it one of the few prancing horse models with instant acceleration.

Retract the hardtop roof, which stows away in front of the turbocharged V6 plug-in hybrid engine, to unlock a whole new driving experience. We´re sure exploring your Spain from the drivers seat of a Ferrari rental with the roof down will quickly become one of your holiday highlights!

In addition to its epic engine and hard-top roof that retracts in just 14 seconds while on the move, a Ferrari 296 GTS rental also benefits from a double wishbone suspension, electronic chassis command centre, a low-slung driving style and sports seats that remind you you´re behind the wheel on an exotic supercar that dons the prancing horse.

The cockpit of the Ferrari 296 GTS rental cocoons you with its high-tech minimalism and its intelligent control set-up put everything at your fingertips.

Whether you are travelling alone or with your partner in crime by your side, when you´re in a Ferrari 296 GTS rental every journey is transformed into a thrilling adventure. This is your chance to experience it for yourself, so why not reach out to our team to request your Ferrari 296 GTS rental quote and look forward to plenty of open-air thrills.

Where can you rent a Ferrari 296 GTS Spain?

If you´ve asked, where can you rent a Ferrari 296 GTS in Spain, you´ll be happy to hear the choice is yours! Simply name the place and we´ll meet you there, whether it is a Ferrari 296 GTS rental in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Marbella or Alicante.

As well as enjoying access to the newest models available on the rental market, as our client you´ll enjoy meet-and-greet, door-to-door service as standard and a dedicated Account Manager to handle your booking from start to finish.

Want to begin exploring in your Ferrari 296 GTS rental Spain as soon as you land? We´ll be there with your prancing horse primed and ready to take to the road.

Want to cause a stir at your hotel as you take delivery of this rare model? We´ll transport your Ferrari 296 GTS rental to your hotel and meet you there.

Perhaps you´re booking this Ferrari 296 GTS rental on behalf of your client or boss? In which case, our team will pull things off without a hitch.

Contact us today to request your Ferrari 296 GTS rental quote and you can look forward to exploring in style wherever you venture.